• Buying real estate in the Golden State requires lots of things to consider such as your housing budget in your chosen location and finding the right home. We have included some important things to consider before buying home in California:


    Homebuying can be stressful, especially with all the factors in buying a home in a complex market like California.

    We have your back with this guide describing what to expect buying a home in the Golden State, from finding a realtor, to how the market is, to even calculating how much in closing costs and property taxes you’ll pay.

    How Do I Find A Real Estate Agent in California?

    Every buyer should first find a local realtor who can lead them through the steps of buying a home.

    These are traits to seek out when deciding on a realtor. As a buyer, you need someone with experience in the area who can take initiative, communicate and negotiate on your behalf, and reassure you along the way.

    Clever can refer you to quality realtors around the area if you are looking into real estate in California. Clever’s will give you a free consultation, no strings attached.

    Housing Market in 2019 Onwards