You are buying a condo – how exciting! Prior to leaving your signature on that dotted line, ensure you have the proper contingencies within your contract. Without them, you’ll have no chance at backing out of the agreement.
You can consider contingencies as being a type of insurance. If you need to cancel the buy for whatever reason and it’s secured under one of your contingencies, you won’t need to surrender your earnest money deposit. In the event that the explanation doesn’t fall under a contingency or you don’t have any contingencies, you may lose your earnest money deposit.
So what possibilities would it be advisable for you to put on your agreement? Continue scrolling to get familiar with the most prevalent decisions among homebuyers.

Regardless of whether you got yourself preapproved before you looked for an condo (which you ought to do), it’s insightful to add a financing contingency to your agreement. This gives you some additional opportunity to resolve the details with your loan specialist. Imagine a scenario in which something surprising springs up and you lose your credit endorsement. In the event that you don’t have a financing contingency, the dealer can keep your earnest money and return the house to the market.
Since you can’t determine what a house resembles individually and even the appraiser won’t see certain issues, an investigation contingency is vital. This gives you an opportunity to employ an inspector and have the review done. When you get the report returned from the examiner, read it immediately. This way you can decide whether there are things amiss with the home; they may make the home less valuable to you. With this contingency set up, you can request that the vender fix the issues, give you a merchant’s credit, or you can retreat from the deal without losing your earnest money.
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If you at present claim a condominium or some other property and you have to sell it before you can purchase the new condo, you’ll need the closeout of home contingency. This gives you an opportunity to get a contract on your present property. Since it’s unsafe to sign a purchase contract without selling your other property first, this contingency is regularly significant. Imagine a scenario where you don’t sell your present property. Would you be able to bear the cost of two home loans one after another? Would you be able to meet all requirements for the two home loans? Another contingency could become an integral factor here on the off chance that you have a financing contingency. On the off chance that your loan specialist requires your present property be sold before you get last endorsement, you could be covered in two manners.
The title contingency gives you an exit from the agreement if the title search doesn’t show that the current proprietor has free responsibility for the home. In the event that there are liens or different issues with the chain of possession, the home may not be accessible for a fast sale. Different liens should be dealt with first. If you somehow managed to claim the property with liens on it, they become your concern, which is probably the last thing you want when buying a condo.
Consider any or all these contingency to help make the acquisition of a condominium simpler for you. Dealers regularly require sincere cash down with the agreement. This gives them assurance should you pull out of the agreement. It additionally causes them to realize that you are a genuine purchaser and not simply wasting their time. So as to protect that cash, you’ll need contingencies that relate to your circumstance. It’s ideal in the event that you include a lawyer during this procedure to guarantee that you have your bases secured.