Demand for solar products has skyrocketed along with the prevalence of solar panel technology. Tesla recently released a new line of solar roof tiles, and while they are extremely new (especially in New Jersey), the benefits they provide will make them more popular.


Visual appeal is a common concern with solar panels; older solar panels are bulkier, but newer Tesla solar tiles blend in and complement your roof and are durable. Also, Tesla solar tiles come in multiple designs, such as more streamlined smooth tiles and textured tiles that match your current roof tiles; also, Tesla will be releasing Tuscan and Slate roof tiles, giving you more options to customize your roof.

Cheaper Over the Long-term

While the initial cost of these higher-end roof tiles are high (about the price of a slate roof and solar array), they are cheaper in the long-term because of lower maintenance and repair costs compared to a regular roof, energy savings, and higher home value since you do not rely on the local electrical company and you will still have power regardless of outages.

Lifetime Warranty

Because Tesla solar tiles are tempered glass and three times stronger than the average roofing tiles, they are indestructible; for example, while regular roofing tiles got destroyed by hail during the testing process, the Tesla tiles emerged unscathed even when larger pieces of hail hit at extremely high speeds. In addition, Tesla’s warranty will replace any roof tiles that get damaged, regardless of how long you plan to live in your home.

Environmentally Friendly

With all the recent emphasis on eco-friendly products and solar panels, using Tesla tiles will help you reduce how much fossil fuel (coal and oil, which get depleted over time and also release chemical waste when used) you use from the electric company and will instead give you a zero-waste, renewable energy source.

Closing Thoughts

Tesla has not only made solar and electric cars; they’ve branched out to making solar roofing tiles that are cost-effective over time, despite the high initial cost, because of the unlimited warranty and lack of repair costs. They also come in four different styles to match your design needs, they give you independence from the electric company and reduce your coal and oil consumption, and you will have guaranteed power regardless of outages, even with weather events like Superstorm Sandy that we’ve seen in the past. You should consider all of the advantages of Tesla solar roof tiles when you need a new roof in New Jersey.