With all of the options for kitchen improvement projects in Gloucester County, strategically planning of these renovations is key because some investments provide worse returns than others. A good rule of thumb is that pricier projects will have a lower return on investment.

Updating Appliances

Kitchen appliances are a catch-22: older appliances can devalue the home, but cutting-edge appliances might not pay off quickly enough. Owners might not even have the luxury of deciding if out-of-date appliances are eating up the bulk of utility bill costs.

Not upgrading appliances can turn the property into a fixer upper, drawing in low cash offers from house flippers instead. Instead, look for energy efficient and sleek but practical appliances with options of every kind, ideally in black or stainless steel instead of white because white will get too dirty.


Improving Cabinets and Counters

Instead of ripping out cabinets for pure oak or maple, consider updating the look with a new stain and newer fixtures, or painting and sealing the counters. Since counters and cabinets get dirty quickly, and can give the wrong impression to owners and potential buyers, this small job can produce big returns on investment.

Focusing on the Floors

Fixing the floors is a multi-level process:

  • Tile: Replacing extremely scratched and chipped tiles with water- and stain-resistant tiles can drastically improve the interior.
  • Painting: Repairing holes before painting over them can be a cheaper alternative than retiling. Black and white squares can modernize the kitchen.
  • Luxury materials: Unused luxury materials like granite limestone from nearby construction projects can be used to redo floors and/or counters.

Painting the Room

Painting the kitchen walls is another affordable way to revamp the kitchen. This often-overlooked project (with a strong return on investment) can be a good option when others aren’t feasible. Neutral colors like gray or yellow is the best for resale value. Find your favorite colors and see how they work for different kitchen types. The local paint store can easily color match a picture from a magazine.

With the right kitchen remodels getting up to an 83% return on investment, and the kitchen being an important aspect for many buyers, things are  favorable for homeowners about to sell soon; even for those who aren’t, energy-efficient appliances can still improve your return on investment because of utility savings. A good kitchen makeover can be priceless.